NoSaCo® Rapid is a communication and coordination tool used in crisis situations. The terminal is relying on Satellite IP connection and establishes a performing internet connectivity. The worldwide satellite coverage based on C-band allows deploying the system globally. NoSaCo® Rapid provides a temporary wired or wireless  Internet access in remote sites or in regions where no communication infrastructure is existing and advanced service provisioning like analogue and digital voice communication, sensor monitoring and video streaming is required. The terminal is designed to answer the needs of humanitarian agencies and first responders.

The terminal is equipped with an inflatable antenna (2.4m aperture). This system concept allows for easy transportation and does not require any specific logistic arrangements. All system elements are protected against environmental factors, like wind loads, temperature, dust and humidity.

Key features

  • Complete system set-up in < 1h
  • Maximum protection of hardware components based on rugged system design
  • Integrated middleware for a maximum exploitation of bandwidth
  • User-friendly deployment, low maintenance and remote monitoring