The Antenna Front Panel (AFP) is a modular solution for monitoring the antenna and controlling peripheral equipment like de-icing, HVAC, etc... It can be installed on a dedicated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or be integrated in the antenna’s motion control system unit.

The AFP provides easy to handle graphical user interfaces offering advanced M&C functionalities and is an intelligent and flexible interface to remote Monitoring & Control systems:

  • Drive: Monitoring of antenna position, motor drives, motor positions, velocities & torques
  • Emergency Stops: Status of various emergency stop buttons
  • HVAC and de-icing: Status of system and relevant temperatures
  • Summary Alarms
  • Motion Warnings
  • System: Status of peripheral hardware modules, encoders and drive system
  • RF switches

Due to its modular design, the AFP can easily be customised with additional functionalities following customer specifications.