Our Antenna Control Units series HACU® provides our customers with the ideal solution for refurbishment or upgrading of existing ground stations and is included in all our antenna products.

Our offer comprises three models: HACU® 1000 - Program Track, HACU® 2000 - Step-Track and HACU® 3000 - Monopulse.



Data Sheet


Data Sheet


Data sheet

HACU® 1000
HACU® 2000
HACU® 3000
Typical application
Cost-efficient model for standard accuracy Cost-effective model for enhanced accuracy Highest tracking accuracy and reliability
Controls Azimuth, Elevation and Polarisation axes
Standby, pointing, slew, program track Standby, pointing, slew, program track, scan, step track, automatic mode switching Standby, pointing, slew, program track, scan, step track, monopulse, adaptive track, automatic mode switching
Additional features
Atmospheric refraction correction, pointing error correction, command pre-processing, zenith-pass handling