HITEC Luxembourg is providing services in traffic management since two decades. Our experience makes us qualified to provide services such as consultancy, advice and system engineering and design. Dedicated designs of traffic management and tunnel monitoring solutions include the design of complete integrated systems (traffic management technology, communication and sensornetworks, power supplies, etc.). HITEC Luxembourg's involvement in traffic management projects covers all phases in close cooperation with our client in partners.

Call for Tenders & Project Management

HITEC Luxembourg as an independent technology provider is creating contract specifications and supervising call for tenders for its clients. As an innovative company active in various fields of technology, HITEC Luxembourg has been and is until now involved in a number of traffic management projects. Thus the company offers its clients and partner in-depth knowledge in the creation and compilation of call for tenders for the traffic management infrastructure. Furthermore HITEC Luxembourg provides services in general and technical project planning and management comprising project planning, resource management, project coordination as well as quality management and quality assurance.

Consulting & Engineering

HITEC Luxembourg offers technical consulting and engineering in the field of traffic management systems and tunnel supervision. HITEC Luxembourg has carried out several studies of traffic management systems using the latest technologies, many of which have since been implemented:

  • Road safety improvements
  • Evaluation and transmission of multiple data types (voice, images, data) and circulation to various organisations for control, information and action
  • Tunnel security through implementation of innovative monitoring system

Concept & Specifications

As an essential part of HITEC Luxembourg’s service and technology offer, the company provides system analysis, the definition of essential technical data, the elaboration of detailed technical concepts and structures for systems and installation, concept Detailed structure for system and installation, the analysis and description of data flows and interfaces, the clarification of security and energy issues.