As of the first day, it was our clear aim to adapt to the wishes and needs of our customers. Systematically linking innovation, technology, engineering and entrepreneurship was a prime qualification to achieve this objective. Like this we have been able, and continue to provide professional solutions, appealing services and innovative products so as to meet the high demands of our customers - national and international, as well as private and public sector. This company philosophy is the basis for successful and sustainable growth of HITEC Luxembourg.

Focus, deliver & foster

In our daily commitment, the know-how, the creativity, the quality and the perseverance are an integral part of our undertaking. Enthusiasm for technology and innovation and a dedication to life-long-learning are core elements of our company culture, reflected by our highly qualified and motivated staff.

Through continuous investment in research and development in various fields like satellite ground segment, information and communications technology, measuring methodology and technology, as well as persistent quality and project management, we are positioned to grow further and to cope with upcoming challenges.

Our vision is to provide the best technological solution to our customers, driven by our motto market-oriented, client-centric, technology driven.