Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) are an essential part of our business philosophy.

HITEC Luxembourg participates in, manages and coordinates various types of projects, international and national, public and private. We have experience in a broad range of technologies, methodologies, project frameworks and management approaches.

Through our exceptional approach we provide our know-how in any project phase: from exploring options and preliminary studies, to implementation and development of solutions as well as manufacturing and maintenance of the resulting solutions and systems.

A few core projects which we realized until today:


Poster HeEROThe EU-funded HeERO project, addresses the pan-European in-vehicle emergency call service “eCall” based on 112/E112, the single European Emergency number.

The in-vehicle eCall is an emergency call generated either manually by vehicle occupants or automatically via activation of in-vehicle sensors. When activated, the in-vehicle eCall system will establish a voice connection directly with the relevant PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), this being either a public or a private eCall emergency centre operating under the regulation and/or authorisation of a public body. At the same time, a minimum set of incident data (MDS) will be sent to the PSAP operator receiving the voice call. The eCall service will use the common European standards defined by ETSI and CEN. Luxembourg intends to integrate pan European eCall into the existing 112 service and to make any necessary changes to the mobile networks to support the eCall flag. In addition eCall will be enhanced with information from a dangerous goods tracking service (following standard interfaces) and cross-border testing will be carried out.

HITEC Luxembourg, together with its Luxembourg partners Post Luxembourg and Administration des services de secours, are implementing and validating the Luxembourg pilot installation for the 112 centre of the Grand-Duchy.

For more information:

DG-Trac – Tracking and Tracing of dangerous goods in the medical sector

logo DGTracESA ARTES 20 feasibility study proposing a service that ensures the conformance of dangerous good transports in the medical sector with the legal regulations by tracking and documenting the transport from the sender to the receiver. The cooperation with the European eCall service allows the automatic alerting of the emergency services in case of an accident with complete information about the loaded dangerous goods and handling information. For more information:

emergency-bookletThe project, funded by the Luxembourg Government and coordinated by HITEC Luxembourg in cooperation with SES Astra TechCom and Ducair - Luxembourg Air Ambulance, will provide an end-to-end platform to ensure worldwide rapid response. is addressing the challenge of worldwide rapid response capacity and preparedness for humanitarian emergencies by providing a solution to fill the communication gap in the first hours and days after a large-scale disaster. The solution is a multi-layer platform consisting of satellite infrastructure and capacity; communication and coordination services; satellite ground terminals for long-term (NoSaCo® Regular) as well as rapid deployment (NoSaCo® Rapid); and transportation of equipment to the disaster area within the first 12 to 20 hours.