All our products including antenna systems are developed and commissioned following our company internal quality processes which are compliant to ISO 9001 and NATO AQAP 2110. Compliance to European space standards (ECSS) and to special requested quality requirements is guaranteed thanks to a meticulous process of tailoring that begins during the launch of each project or product development. Such processes ensure that all those standards applicable for a project are taken into consideration and applied.
Constant verification of the requirement's implementation is performed during the project life cycle. The efficacy of the ISO procedures is monitored and the procedures updated.

All our products are marked with the CE logo, conform to the European directives in force and they can also be certified for non-European markets via approved national and international bodies.

Furthermore, our team can offer you Quality Management & Assurance as a Service. HITEC Luxembourg provides expert advice within particular industries and services in quality assurance and management. Please contact us for more details! We will be happy to help.