Communication and inter-working between different teams is essential during missions. Reliable and secure sharing of information to increase situational awareness is a main precondition for successful mission accomplishment. Commands, positions, visual and sensor data as well as generated or sampled information from the theatre of operation need to be transmitted. HITEC Luxembourg has developed advanced data treatment and transmission methods to improve sharing of data.

Technologies in mobile communications used by civil society spill over to government and defence as well as crisis response. Smartphones and other mobile devices make information services accessible anywhere, anytime, under almost all conditions.

HITEC Luxembourg offers with the Pulse™ product family solutions for all command levels - starting from strategic levels with adaquate command and control solutions to the operational level.



Pulse™ Core

Intelligent agent-based
information system

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Pulse™ Web

Web based portal allowing
command, control & coordination

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Pulse™ Reporter

Mobile application for
field personnel

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