Our NoSaCo® series offers modular and flexible communication services out-of-the-box. Primary used with satellite communication, the terminals can also connect via 3G/4G cellular networks or Ethernet. All our terminals are protected against environmental factors, like wind loads, temperature, dust and humidity and allow likewise reliable communication.




Data Sheet


Data Sheet


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NoSaCo® Compact
NoSaCo® Rapid
NoSaCo® Regular
Typical application
Multi-purpose, flexible communication Rapid response and heavily rugged High performance for long-term deployment
Standard frequency
Ku-band C-band C-band
Other frequency
C-band C-band Ku-band
-10°C to 50°C -20°C to 60°C 0°C to 50°C
20 to 80% 20 to 100% (cond.) 20 to 80%
Terminal Packaging
2 terminal cases 2 terminal cases 2 terminal cases
Antenna packaging
1 antenna case 4 antenna cases* 7 antenna cases*
Terminal weight
84kg (incl. antenna frontend) 51kg (excl. antenna frontend) 148kg (excl. antenna frontend)
Further information
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* Antenna systems may vary depending on client requirements